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Hi Girls!

OK, if you want it here is Coda’s birth story…
At around 4pm on Monday i felt a small gush, that I was pretty sure wasn’t urine, but pretty much ignored it for an hour. At 5pm, I had a bigger gush that started dripping down my legs, so I’m like ok, I think my water just broke. I called the birth center and the midwife told me that I should go to the hospital, and that unfortunately the midwives can’t attend to me at the hospital until 34 weeks. I was 33 weeks and 5 days. So, we went home I changed, ate dinner, packed a bag, and started looking for a doula, cause I was like ‘oh shit, I have to go to this hospital now. I’ve never been there, I don’t know any of the doctors. This is not going to be good.’
We got to the hospital at around 7:30, and I was admitted at 8:30. I swear until then, I was secretly still hoping they would tell me I was crazy and send me home, or like be able to put the fluid back in or something.
So, the doctors said they wanted to try and keep her in until Wednesday, when she would be 34 weeks, which was awesome for me cause then the midwives could attend me. They gave me a steroid shot to help her lungs develop as much as possible while she was still in utero, which comes in two doses, 24 hours apart. They gave me the first one at 9pm on Monday, and I would get the second one at 9pm on Tuesday. So, they were going to try and delay labor as much as possible, at least to make it to the second shot. Then they would give me a 6 hour window for my body to progress labor as much as possible, before they induced me.
At 11pm, I started having contractions. They were mild, like strong period cramps, about 3 per half hour. They started me on a magnesium drip, which was supposed to slow labor. I labored all night, and the second part of the night, my contractions slowed to about 1 per half hour.
I woke up in the morning, and was totally normal. I was still having mild infrequent contractions, but I was up on the computer, called into work, etc. The birth center had arranged for a doula to come to the hospital around 9pm, which is when I was going off the magnesium, because, well, nothing was supposed to happen before then.  I was pushing to get off the magnesium as soon as possible to give my body time to go into labor on it’s own, because I did not want to be induced.
Around 12:30pm on Tuesday my contractions started getting a little more intense, but still infrequent. At 2:30 my husband went downstairs to get lunch, and right after he left i started getting more intense, and more frequent contractions. He got back at 4:30 and I was like I have to go to the bathroom. The nurse was like ‘let’s have you checked first cause that could be the baby’. And I was like ‘yes, please have me checked, cause this could be the baby’. So the doctor came in and stuck these metal forceps in and said I was 1cm. I was surprised, cause I felt like I had progressed more than that, but I was like ok. I guess it’s not the baby, i really just have to poop. So the nurse unhooked me from all the monitors and left me and my husband alone to go to it. During this time I started having really strong contractions, like uncontrollably seizing at the beginning. The nurse came back around 5 and I was still having these really strong contractions, that felt like they were about 30 seconds apart. But we weren’t timing them, because I was hooked up to all these monitors and supposedly the doctors were all paying attention to it. Mike was just reminding me to relax and I was breathing into the contraction when they came, and was able to control them after the initial seizing.
When the nurse came back she said that my midwife, Lisa, from the birth center was there, attending to another patient, and was going to come and check on me and say hi. I was like GREAT. Lisa walked into the room at 5:38, saw me have one contraction, looked at the nurse and was like ‘She’s pushing’, went outside to talk to the doctor. Came back in and said the doctor had given her permission to examine me, lifted up the sheet and was like ‘there’s a head’. Then everything went crazy, and she called everyone into the room. I had three contractions that I had to breath through while they were getting everyone in the room, and prepped me, and two more contractions to push her out. Coda was born at 5:55pm, 17 minutes after the midwife came into the room, less than an hour and a half after the doctor told me I was 1cm.
So, in the end it was almost an ideal birth. There were so many things that could have gone wrong, but they didn’t. I had a very easy labor and birth, it was incredibly fast. I almost had the baby caveman style even thought I was in the fancy hospital with all this fancy equipment. No one was paying attention because a) nothing was supposed to happen until after 9pm, which meant it was the night shift’s deal, and the day time doctors wouldn’t really be dealing with me. I never even really saw any of them the whole time I was there. It was just me and Mike, and the nurse, occasionally. and b) They checked me and I was only 1cm, so that meant I had forever to go, right?
Even though we only made it to one class, just reading the book really helped a lot. I think a lot of the reason it was such a surprise to the staff that I was in transition, and active labor was because I was very calm, and not making a lot of noise. Also, I think being unhooked from the machines for the 30 minutes the nurse left us alone, and I was able to move around a little and get in different positions made things move a lot faster too. I really didn’t like laboring on my back. That sucked. I spent a lot of time visualizing the diagram of the uterine muscles, and picturing a donut hole opening.
Coda was in the NICU for 3 days. She did very well, and passed all her tests. Had a little jaundice for a day, but they released her really fast, because she is a very good feeder. Starting breast feeding right away, which is very unusual for preemies. So we are all happy and healthy at home.
Let me know if anyone has any questions! Good luck to you all. Kelly, please feel free to share the story with group on Thursday.
Sari, Mike, and Coda
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