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newborn baby-mimiHi Sara,

I had an AMAZING birth experience! Things went well with the program as I worked through it. I started having serious contractions around 7:30pm on Wednesday night, and immediately started listening to the hypnosis for the 5th class (I actually ended up keeping that on repeat for the rest of the night!) We got to the hospital around 11:00pm, leaving just a little sooner than I thought necessary, but I felt like being at the hospital would help me relax even more, knowing that I didn’t have to go anywhere. It’s a good thing we went, because when they checked me for the first time around 11:30, I was already 6cm! I labored for a while on the bed while my husband held my hand and used the partner trigger and some of the affirmations we had talked about ahead of time. I was so happy that I was able to let him help me – that had been one of my goals. Then, I felt like I really wanted to stand or crouch, and I was allowed to do so. Not long after that, my water broke (unfortunately, all over the floor of the triage room I was in – they still didn’t have a L&D room available for me at this point). And then I was ready to push, so they got me on the bed and rushed me to a room, where I delivered about 20 minutes later!
So, I have to say that I definitely experienced many of the benefits that Blissborn promised. I had a fast labor, and while I definitely felt a lot of the pain, I was able to breath and relax through it, and know I was strong enough to do all this without medical intervention. (I actually “invented” my own pain management technique – “I apply my own epidural” was what I would repeat to myself, as I imagined everything going numb.) I could rest between contractions, and in fact made it into a challenge – could I relax enough to actually sleep though a contraction? (No, it turns out, but I was very rested in between!) I was alert and able to make small talk and even a joke with my husband. And I was very in tune with my body. Working with a midwife, I was able to put myself in whatever position my body told me was most comfortable for both the contractions and the pushing. I did have to adjust during pushing so that they could get an accurate reading on the baby’s heart rate, but even then I could listen to their instruction and find the most comfortable position based on that at the same time (I ended up delivering while lying on my left side.) I was able to let my body take over to do the pushing. At one point, towards the very end, I realized I was pushing just to push, without a contraction, because it hurt and I wanted it to be over. But I reminded myself to let go, apply ice to the pain, and wait, because I knew my pushing was pretty useless without the contraction and would be unnecessary strain on my body. I’ve felt great and had energy so far during this recovery, and I’ve continued to use the let go trigger to help me fall asleep, use the bathroom, and calm down whenever I get anxious about anything related to the baby. Finally, Elizabeth herself is SO calm and peaceful! She barely cries and has been sleeping great!
Overall, I had a wonderful experience, and have been recommending the Blissborn program to friends of mine. Thanks again for introducing me to the home study course, it was the perfect option.  Also for being a source of support throughout my preparation!
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