Michelle’s Birth Story


newborn baby with sunflowersBaby was born at 10:41 am on Friday the 19th. We are all back home now and she’s feeding like a pro and I am sleeping when she sleeps to stock up for the back to back feedings in the wee hours of the morning.

My child birth experience was a wonderful, powerful natural birth that began with a scary diagnosis of pre-eclampsia at 5ish on Thursday the 18th after a 1 pm, regular 39th week check up with my midwives. Given my high blood pressure and the risk of seizure, they had to admit me to the hospital right away, start the induction process and I was relegated to labor in bed instead of my desired freedom to move about and use my pre-natal yoga techniques.

They started the cervical ripener at 7 pm but had to turn it off after 8 hours instead of the customary 12 hours because my early labor contractions were progressing so quickly and reliably. I’d like to credit this response to my using hypnosis visualization techniques throughout the night of my cervix thinning and opening. Then, they started pitocin at 8 am but also had to turn it off after just 20 minutes because my active labor contractions became so regular and frequent that the natural process just took over.

I had just 2 hours of active labor starting at 8 am and then about 30 minutes of pushing. The OB nurse said that my labor seemed more like that of a 4th or 5th time Mom (she may have been exaggerating) given it progressed so reliably and so quickly.

newborn in swaddling held in loving hands of motherIn the middle of the experience, there was:
– my Mom, massaging my feet and taking photos and video,
– my hubby kneading my back and leading the affirmations before my doula, Odile arrived
– my doula held my hand during each contraction and gave me affirmations and guidance in addition to my midwife, Angel’s instructions.

It was not the birth I planned for but it was the one I wanted (though a little louder than the blissborn videos — which I shoulda known it would be, given my volume in our WRI fitness classes.

In recovery, I fed her whenever she made the sucking motions and asked every nurse to give me tips on each breast feeding position. She is feeding like a pro now and is so sweet and lovely.

Now back at home, my doula just finished up encapsulating my placenta and I already drank some steamed broth mixed in with V8 juice and has bid us goodbye until our final post-partum visit. I am feeling great physically and emotionally already and will make sure the “buzz” some can experience with the placenta capsules doesn’t get in the way of “sleep when she sleeps.”

Thanks to many of you for sharing your child birth stories and resources which helped me get prepared!

Wish me luck coping with zombie land of sleep deprivation that has started.

family and newborn leaving the hospital

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