Lisa’s Hospital Story

Lisa’s Story

       As you know, I was about 1-2 cm dilated for the last three weeks or so of my pregnancy…May 24 at 4 am I woke up with a very minor cramping sensation. I had a few more over the next few hours; still very mild (I slept through them mostly) except I noticed that they were relatively regular, every 20 minutes or so.

We had the appointment with the midwife of the doctor practice already scheduled for that morning at 9 am. She checked my cervix and said I was already +5 cm dilated! I was hooked up to the monitor which verified the regular contractions although they were still very mild to me. She said that it could be today or tomorrow, no way to know so go home and come back at 4 pm to check my progress…I called the Holy Cross doula to put them on notice. Within 20 minutes or so, my contractions really kicked into high gear. They were suddenly stopping me in my tracks and seemed very close together. By the time Steve grabbed the watch the contractions were between 5-3 minutes apart! I had him page the doctor. By the time the doctor called back contractions were 2-3 minutes apart. The doctor said to come to the hospital. We were shocked! As you know, we had planned to labor at home for a long time and it had only been an hour. But I was in some real pain and I didn’t need a watch to tell me things were moving fast! So we called the doula to let them know then off we went.

We are only four blocks from the hospital but I had a contraction on the way to the car, in the car on the way, in the car when we pulled up, in the lobby, the elevator and finally we make it to the L&D waiting room! I was preregistered at the hospital but they had us wait for quite a while as they got a room ready. I am not sure how long. Actually my consciousness of time really stopped by this point. All I know is we were officially admitted at 1 pm. 

Once in the delivery room, our doula showed up and things seemed to move quickly. I was very inwardly focused the entire time with eyes closed and concentrating on the work at hand. I was not confortable in the bed to spent most of the labor squatting on the floor using the side of the bed for support. It certainly was not the painless and quiet births that you see in the videos but I was calm and tried to take each surge as they came one at a time. It all progressed so quickly that I felt that I never got a chance to relax. Steve was WONDERFUL! Whenever I would open my eyes after a contraction he was right there smiling at me with words of support. He looked so excited and relaxed that I couldn’t help but feel good too. He said the doula was a huge help to him. That she really took the pressure off and helped him focus on me. She was great for me too. Transition was certainly the hardest part and I complained that I wasn’t getting any breaks and she let me know that it was because I was getting really close and doing great. Soon after, I felt ready to push and the doctor was called. After about two pushing contractions, the doctor suspected that the cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck so he gave me oxygen and waited out the next contraction. Then it was time to push again and out she came two more contractions later! The cord was around her neck so the doctor had to cut it off, but she was fine. After they cleaned and weighed and did all the preliminary stuff I was able to breast feed her without problem. 

Mina was born at 4 pm… only 3 hours after we were admitted to the hospital and only about 4-5 hours from when my labor really became active. I was able to birth her naturally without medication the way I had wanted. We didn’t use any of the scripts for relaxation… there was really no time! But I was calm and focused and visualized her moving down. I listened to my body and put myself in positions that were confortable. I think all that squatting really helped move her down quickly. It all hapened so fast that we never got a chance to call our families until it was all over! — Lisa

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