Kirsten’s Hospital Story

Kirsten’s Story

       Hank Alexander arrived July 12th, 7 lbs. 3oz., 20.5″, blond hair, blue eyes, with a delivery as comfortable as my pregnancy was. I woke up that morning at 8:30 am and felt contractions that were different than they had been that past week, but I didn’t think it was “the day.” I heard so much about stalled labor and long first baby labors, so I thought it would carry on and then stop.  

I labored comfortably running errands and at home. I called the midwife at 2 pm when contractions became more regular (I used a contraction calculator while listening to my hypnobirthing CDs). I was feeling good on my own until I changed positions from sitting to lying down at 4 pm and we decided to go.

We arrived at Shady Grove at 5:10 pm and Hank arrived at 7:41 pm. I skipped triage and was 7 cm dilated when we got there, I was shocked I was that far along – truly, I thought it was supposed to be harder than it had been. I had a smooth delivery without any medications or interventions; my water broke as I felt ready to start “pushing,” the placenta delivered within minutes of Hank’s delivery, and I needed only two stiches. It all happened so quickly. — Kirsten

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