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Hi Sara,

I thought I would send you an email to tell you about our birth! We now have a healthy boy, 20.8 inches long and 8 lbs 3 oz (at birth, but chunking up – up to 8 lbs 13 oz by his 1-week check up!).

In “short” the birth took about 41 hours and we had a c-section in the end…not what I was visualizing, but we are both feeling pretty good about our birth experience.

I went into labor around 2 am on Sunday 6/16. The let go trigger and partner trigger were great, and I was able to get quite a bit of rest throughout the day. Around 5pm, we got to the 5-1-1 point (and not able to talk or walk through contractions), but the midwife gave me the option of staying home until I felt I needed to go to the hospital. So, we ended up getting to the hospital around 11 pm. At that point I was 5 cm dilated (we had the nurse give this info to Paul – I didn’t know how far along I was until afterwards).

We were doing really well with the Blissborn techniques for at least the first 24 hrs. The labor CD was great for the ride over, I was totally relaxed and able to joke through the initial exam and set up. The medical staff mostly left me alone all night, since I had asked them to do as few internal exams as possible and the midwife said I was clearly doing well on my own. Paul was a great support. He kept me moving around, using the partner trigger and did vocal toning with me as it got more intense.

Turns out the baby was completely “sunny side up” (they didn’t actually tell me that until well into Monday). That slowed things down and made the labor intense. As things got more intense in the early morning I wasn’t doing quite as well with the comfort techniques or focus. Paul and I were kind of at a loss as to what to do as far as using hypnosis went, so things weren’t as calm from that point. I started feeling like pushing around 9am or so, but wasn’t fully dilated. I was managing and falling asleep in between contractions (even though they were 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 minutes apart).

By mid morning I was mostly dilated and they let me push for about an hour . Turns out the “anterior lip” of my cervix was preventing the pushing from moving the baby down very much. The midwife gave us our options – of changing course and going with a vacuum/forceps, or of her pushing the lip out of the way. Paul used the informed consent questions and they gave us a chance to talk about it together. We opted to push the lip out of the way. That was very painful (me pushing as hard as I could while she pushed it out of the way), but successful.

I pushed for another hour, getting more fatigued. Then the midwife told us that the baby hadn’t moved at all in the whole hour, despite the fact that my pushing was effective. I had tried many different positions and nothing seemed to get him to budge. The midwife gave us her opinion at that point and recommended an epidural to allow me to rest for a few hours which would allow the uterus to passively bring him down a little bit. She also gave me the option of pushing for another hour, although she was concerned that my fatigue would increase and I wouldn’t be able to push effectively.

We asked again for a chance to talk about it privately. They gave us about 20 minutes. Paul used the informed consent questions again. We decided to push for 15 more minutes (I was pretty sure I could not handle another hour) using a different position (squatting bar) in hopes that more gravity would help move him. Then if nothing happened, we would do the epidural. Again, no movement at all!!

I got the epidural, rested for two hours. At that point, my temperature and the baby’s heart rate were beginning to creep up. We had one episode of the baby’s heart rate decelerating, although it only happened one time. The baby had hardly descended at all, although I was finally calm again.

We resumed using hypnosis techniques and used the labor CD for the last hour of pushing, which was helpful. The midwife even had me do some “purple pushing”, saying that she rarely uses that, but we really needed to try everything. After an hour with no change from the baby, the midwife insisted on consulting with the on call OB-GYN, who examined me and told us that I needed a c-section. She said she would absolutely not try a vacuum or forceps because she was concerned that even if she got the head out, the shoulders would get stuck and cause damage to me or the baby. We were able to ask lots of questions and the midwife made sure we fully understood what the MD was saying as well as her reasoning. Once the MD left, the midwife gave us her opinion – which was the same, that a c-section was a necessity in this case. No one was in distress, though, and we once again had about a half hour to discuss it privately. We decided to go with their recommendation. It was probably after 5:30 or 6:00 pm at that point and both of us felt like we had given it our very best shot!

The c-section went well, though the baby was pretty stuck. The MD almost had to make the incision bigger to get his shoulders out because they were so broad, but they managed without that. Paul was able to go with the baby for the weighing and further cord cutting and my mom stayed with me in the operating room. They also allowed me to nurse the baby in the recovery room, so I was able to initiate nursing within about 45 minutes. I was in the hospital for 4 days and recovery has been going really well. MS has been a great baby so far.

In reflecting on the birth, Paul and I both felt the hypnosis was great for the first 25-27 hours or so. It kept me calm and relaxed and able to conserve my energy. Without it, I don’t think I could have managed 3+ hours of pushing! The techniques also enabled me to have more of a sense of humor and calmness throughout the first day. Also, I definitely felt that I had a clear mind throughout the entire labor and was able to make decisions thoughtfully. I never felt confused or muddy. I think the hypnosis is to thank for that as well.

I know this is a long email, but I thought you would want the details. 🙂 Hope you are doing well!


Father holding newborn baby son just after mother's c-section in hospital

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