Janet’s Birth Story

Labor and delivery for my second child was either about 36 hours or 1 hour depending on how one looks at it. The more I think about it, the more I know the hypnosis techniques that I learned through Blissborn and practice leading up to the birth had a major effect on the experience of the birth. I feel so lucky to have every part of the birth turn out exactly, even better, than I could have imagined.

The birth of my baby girl was 1 hour from the time my water broke at 3:00am from the moment when she was born at 4:06am. By the books, it was a ‘precipitous’ birth, or a birth that lasts 3 hours or less. I believe that my labor was actually longer, that my body handled the pain for me so that there was such manageable discomfort that I was able to go the park for a picnic with my toddler and husband the night before. I was even able to sleep through the contractions of early labor. It was only the final hour of labor that the discomfort and intensity of what was happening in my body told me that the baby would soon be in my arms.

I went to bed the night before the birth knowing that the baby was very low in my pelvis and having contractions that were irregular and quite manageable. I awoke to the popping feeling of my water breaking and then the contractions came quickly at about 2 minutes apart. I was able to handle the contractions by using the let go trigger, and thinking about my cervix opening and releasing to let my baby through. This vision of my uterine muscles tightening to open me gently was the most powerful tool. In this respect, the last part of every contraction actually felt good to me. I was able to talk through every contraction until the last 15 minutes when we arrived at the hospital and my body was in ‘evacuation’ mode. After throwing up, I told my husband I felt the urge to push, and the baby’s head was crowning. They rushed me in a wheelchair to the first available delivery room and I barely made it to the bed as the nurse helped get my pants off and the head was coming. I had about 4-5 big pushes and she was in my arms. Because everything happened so quickly and like clockwork, I was able to have a completely natural birth, no fetal monitoring, and even avoid the heplock in my arm in case an IV was needed.

After 40 weeks of waiting patiently, I couldn’t believe how fast and efficiently my body brought my baby into this world. As a result, I now have a lot more faith in my body to do miracles than I ever have before, and I thank the affirmations from the Blissborn class for reminding and teaching me to trust my body to do its work. The let go trigger and affirmations have also been valuable for my postpartum experience, for dealing with the discomfort of breastfeeding and minor tearing from the vaginal delivery.

Thank you Sara!

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