Erika’s Hospital Story

Hi Sara,
I wanted to let you know that our sweet baby girl, Etta Rose, was born last Wednesday at 5:40. She is as sweet as can be. Everyone is doing great, including big brother Aaron. He is very fond of his new sister and adjusting to life as a big brother. She was 6 lbs 15 oz and 18 inches. Tiny compared to Aaron when he was born! Hopefully you’ll be able to come and meet her sometime soon.
My labor was incredibly easy! It’s hard to imagine, but it was significantly easier than my labor with Aaron. I woke up Wednesday morning having contractions that were about five minutes apart. They weren’t very regular and not very strong, so I spent a couple of hours cleaning the house and getting some last minute things ready for Aaron and my Dad. I stopped having any contractions for about an hour or so in the middle of the day and when they came back, they were much stronger but still about five minutes apart. I walked the dog and my husband put Aaron down for his nap. I was feeling good but I wasn’t convinced I was really in labor. I had been having contractions on and off for about two weeks. So I was skeptical that this was it especially since everything seemed to have stopped for a bit.

We decided to head over towards Shady Grove around 2:00 because the contractions were getting stronger. They still weren’t getting closer together. We wanted to avoid getting stuck in rush hour traffic, in case baby was coming soon. I didn’t feel like she was in a hurry since my contractions were still so spaced out. We went to the shopping plaza across the street from the hospital and walked around the grocery store for about an hour. I was getting more uncomfortable and starting not to feel very well so we decided to head over to the hospital, but I didn’t think I was very close to having the baby since I was still having contractions every three or five minutes. And occasionally the time between them would be even more. I was very hesitant to go up to L&D because I really wanted to wait until I was in or close to transition. It seemed to me like I was going to be laboring for a while longer. After a little while, Zach convinced me to go up because I was having a really hard time going to and from the bathroom. We went up and I got checked in and walked to the room with the nurse to get checked by the midwife. I was walking and joking with the nurse and feeling calmer now that I would at least be settled. And my contractions again stopped. I didn’t want Karen to check me because I was sure I was only a three or four. But she convinced me to let her check and, as it turned out, I was 7 cm dilated! I was totally shocked. A few minutes after she checked me, my water broke. I didn’t have any contractions for ten or fifteen minutes more. Then I had a wave of five or six contractions and was ready to push. Etta was born after a couple of pushes! We had been in the hospital room for about 45 minutes.
I was very active until the end and although the birth didn’t look like the “Hypnobirthing” films, I was completely relaxed the entire time. Even at the end, I was using vocal toning rather than just screaming. I was yelling when I was pushing, but was much calmer than I was when Aaron was being born. It was much more peaceful. Everything has been going great since the birth. Etta is the sweetest, easiest little baby so far. She nurses well and is happy as can be. We feel very blessed.
Thank you so much for all your help! I am sure that my births have been so easy in large part due to your kind and patient instruction and advice. Your guidance has been a blessing for me and for my lucky little babies.
Hope you are doing well.

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