Birth – Spiritual Practice

budda-closed eyes-blueHi Sara:
For me, birth and motherhood has been a great spiritual practice. It is a reminder that life is outside my control, and that being wise does not mean simply having the best plan but being present to what is happening in this moment and to make the best choices here and now out of trust and not fear. It was important for me to name my disappointment about needing to be induced and to have an epidural, but it has also been so important to acknowledge the beauty of the birth, and the gift of a healthy baby and mama. I am my own harshest critic in this regard, and I’ve been realizing the need to extend grace to myself. The final pushing stage of labor moving so quickly and beautifully for me was like the sunrise after a long, dark night. And throughout the labor and delivery, and even more now that Mazie is here, I had to keep reminding myself to just be here now, just this breath, just this contraction, just this break, just this moment. It’s when I start to get ahead of myself, the thoughts come “How will I make it through tonight?” that I become overwhelmed and lose the ability to be present to the gift of this moment. Our birth class trained us to practice a deep breath with the mantra “Let go” to help enter hypnosis and relaxation for labor. This practice of letting go with each breath has been a real gift and continues to serve me even now.

I hope that you all continue to find meaning in your preparation and practice and that you and your babies stay healthy and well!


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