Ashley and Josh’s Home Birth Story

A Birth Story-From a Guys Perspective
The birth of our son was one of the most stressful and exhausting, yet calmest and peaceful times of my life. It is also by far, one of the best moments in my life.
We had decided, after doing exhaustive research on hospitals births, c-section rates, intervention rates, interviews with doctors, talks with other parents, etc., to do a home birth. After deciding to birth at home and finding midwives to support us, we were pointed in the direction of Sara Shelly and Blissborn classes.
Blissborn is one of the more encompassing “hypnosis” classes that I had heard about. Sara does a great job of combining the science behind labor and how through the use of hypnosis, labor can be easier. This does take time and practice on both partners behalf and a dedication to learning how to do this well. You (as the husband or partner) are engaged and active throughout the pregnancy and a play a crucial role in the labor and birth of your child. In addition, she encourages you and gives you tools to use to delay or prevent the use of interventions if you are in a hospital setting and desire a more natural birth.
My son was due on St. Patrick’s Day 2014, but I suppose he didn’t want to share his birthday with the holiday, so my wife continued working into the following week.  On Thursday I got an email at work to wrap things up and head home.  When I gave her a call for details, she explained that she had started to bleed and was told by the midwives to go in for an ultrasound to check on the baby.  By the time I got home, the ultrasound was wrapped up and the baby was doing well, which concluded this was a normal part of dilation that we didn’t know about. At this point, my wife had had contractions that she couldn’t walk off at several points since Saturday.  At times, they were close enough and regular enough that we called the midwives, but things would inevitably slow down… so we still had no idea if this was true labor. 
Finally, around 12:30 am Friday morning, contractions were getting stronger again and my wife woke me to go through some Blissborn scripts with her because she wanted some help focusing.  For the next several hours, we read through scripts from our manual and rested between contractions, which seemed to ease a little the next morning.  By Friday evening, however, the contractions had strengthened again to the point that she was vomiting after many of them.  Midwives typically don’t check for dilation, but the symptoms had gone on for so long at that point that we were curious about the progress; around 6:00 pm she had dilated to 6.5 cm.  She was finally really in labor (and already exhausted and dehydrated from the continued vomiting)! 
Listening to the audio hypnosis classes from Blissborn helped her to rest between stair crab walks and swaying.  Finally at 1:00 am her water broke as the pushing began… but the hardest part was yet to come.  The pushing lasted for almost 4 hours and involved a series of the positions from the class, as well as repetition of our partner triggers.  Our son was stubborn and decided that he would hang onto the umbilical cord with his hand close to his face. Sara taught us a multitude of techniques and hypnosis exercises to ease discomfort and help calm my wife and baby between contractions and allow both to get some rest, all of which was essential. Our son was born, calm, healthy, and alert to the new world around him, with the new mother doing wonderfully well.
The Blissborn classes gave us the tools necessary to understand the birthing process and the ability to cope with and actively manage the challenges that arose.  Without our wonderful midwives and Sara’s Blissborn class, this birth could have easily lead to a hospital transfer and likely medical interventions, possibly including a c-section.  Instead, we were able to meet our handsome son in the early hours of the morning in the calm and tranquility of our home.  This experience brought my wife and I closer together because of the strength and interdependence in the amazing process we shared.
Best of luck to you and your growing family.
Ashley and Josh, 03/2014
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