Allison – Birth Center

Hey everyone- Well, our time has come!
Introducing Theodore David. We’re calling him Theo. He weighed in at 9 lbs 6 ozs and was 21 inches long. We had a little trouble pushing him out at the end (4 hours of pushing!!!), but Allison called on strength resources she didn’t know she had and she did great! Good thing we were well prepared! I knew she would be as strong as she was!
Here’s how it went down: Early last Sunday (6 AM) Allison started having contractions…and by the time Monday AM came around (12:35) we had a new addition to our family. By mid-morning on Monday (the day of the birth!) we were on our way home. Allison is currently in the midst of recovery, but is feeling better each day. We have been rocked back on our heels a bit with all the care (in a good way), but are finding some routines and figuring out how to exist on little sleep. It’s all worth it.
A testimony about Blissborn. First, all the midwives at the birthing center were confused about Allison’s labor because she was so calm during her contractions. Our doula even commented how she is going to look into Blissborn because she has never seen anything like Allison’s calmness during the contractions. But, we almost didn’t make it to the birth center! We were timing contractions at home, and they were long but not as close together as traditionally recommended. By the time I realized that the pain Allison was enduring was probably the transition period, she was not feeling up for a car ride to our birth center in Annapolis. It took about 30 minutes of prodding until finally she agreed to get in the car. I did not know how we were going to get there without a major meltdown…but that’s when the Blissborn training and practice really came through! For 40 minutes of the most traditionally unbearable part of labor, Allison got into the zone and didn’t even make a noise. She was so deep into her self-hypnosis I had to tell her when we got there.
As soon as we were there, Allison was nearly fully dilated and ready to push. For those of you who are at all unsure of the power you have through Blissborn, keep practicing! It really helped us have the delivery we wanted to have. There were still complications, but we were ready to deal with them. This class gave us the calm and relaxation we needed to have as peaceful a birth as possible.
The first photo is from the birth center a few hours after delivery (doesn’t Allison look calm?). The second is of little Theo bundled up in his bouncy chair a couple days into his journey. Finally, our two pugs are still wondering what in heavens name can make so much noise at all hours of the night, but are on board with the napping for most of the day schedule. The last photo is one of our pugs Taz checking Theo out as he sleeps.
We hope everyone else is doing well too. We welcome your stories as they come…and you find the time to send them out!
Topher and Allison

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