Abby’s VBAC Story

Abby’s Story

          I am thrilled to tell you that baby Anne was born via VBAC on November 27 at 2:44 am (after a 56-hour labor, no less!). We were all thrilled that she was able to come at her own pace, and came out full of vigor. Also, luckily, my last meal was a full Thanksgiving dinner, and, because of the holiday, my in-laws were in town and able to take care of Thomas during my extended labor! We are so blessed.

I also wanted to let you know that the Georgetown staff could not have been more supportive of my choice for a VBAC. They even sent me home for a few hours when I first went in after 24 hours of contractions. They really let things progress at a natural pace, and were as hands-off as I could have hoped for. In addition, our nurses kept telling me that everyone was watching my strip in the staff room and cheering us on-it got me through the long process. I just thought you might like knowing that for future clients of yours. The staff confirmed that this was their typical approach to VBACs. — Abby

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