Labor Support/Doula

Calm Birthings provides doula care that combines education, uninterrupted support throughout labor, and additional support in the early stages postpartum.

My intention for each woman and family that I work with, is to help them approach childbirth feeling positive, confident and prepared, and to assist by providing supportive care throughout the process of labor and childbirth. My services are personalized so that I can have time with each mother and family to discuss their desired vision of birth, to clarify expectations for my role and the role of the birth partner, and to provide education and support as needed. If there are any feelings associated with birthing, or special pregnancy-related conditions that may arise in the final weeks, I am available for additional consultation as needed. As your doula I am committed to ensuring that your birthing experience be healthy, satisfying and empowering, and that your transition to parenthood be smooth, positive and filled with joy.

Childbirth is not about success or failure, so regardless of how labor unfolds, birth is not something a woman can fail at. While I remain deeply committed to the long-term benefits of a natural birth, I fully honor and respect whatever preferences and choices the birthing couple may have. I also respect and honor the birth partners role and the powerful loving presence that he or she plays during the process of birth. In our meetings prior to birth, we will discuss individual needs, desires and hopes, forming a partnership that builds positive expectation, trust and confidence for the rewarding experience of your baby’s arrival into the world.

Sara has received training and certification from ALACE the Cambridge-based Association of Labor Assistants and Childbirth Educators. She has been attending births since 2004 and draws from a broad background and experience for each birth she attends. For additional information on pricing and availability please contact Sara at or 301-681-3459.

Services Include:

  • Two consultations prior to birth
  • Unlimited phone and email support up until birth
  • Labor support starting at home or at the place of birth, as requested
  • Continuous uninterrupted care during birth
  • Up to 2 hours postnatal support
  • Breastfeeding support upon request
  • One postpartum visit to the home and support via phone and email as needed.

Proven Benefits of Doula Care

Studies have shown that when doulas attend births, labors are shorter with fewer complications, babies are healthier and they breastfeed more easily. Other proven benefits include:

  • 26% reduction in the need for a cesarean
  • 41% reduction in the need for forceps or vacuum extraction
  • 28% reduction in the use of pain medication
  • 33% reduction in dissatisfaction with the birth
  • Mother has less anxiety and depression six weeks after birth
  • Greater satisfaction with partner six weeks after birth
  • Baby more likely to be breastfeeding six weeks after birth
  • Mother has greater confidence with the baby six weeks after birth

Doulas in the DC metro area who have completed the Blissborn childbirth course:
Stephanie Jones CD (DONA): Certified Massage Therapist and certified doula
Kathy Peacock: BA,BSN CD(DONA)- Critical care nurse and certified doula


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