“I didn’t think I could have any easier delivery than I did the first time, wow was I wrong!
I went to bed listening to Blissborn CD6, woke up 3 hrs later with contractions 7 mins apart. Pollyanna Louise arrived 3 hrs later, just 30 mins after we arrived @ the hospital.
So blessed by my birth preparation from Sara Shelley!” – Kirsten 2013

“Sara, I wanted to reach out to thank you for all you have done for me, all that you have added to my transformation as a mother. Your wisdom, time, and support for me during my pregnancy, was invaluable at every turn of labor…Thank you so much for what you have supported me in doing. I hope you understand how much your words and energy are used to do wonderful things, even beyond the scope of pregnancy support and education. Thank you again from every new mommy fiber of my being, and I know that Dan shares in my feelings as well!” – Nicole 2012

“We came home yesterday with Bennett, and can’t wait to find a time to introduce you soon. We can’t thank you enough for the Blissborn guidance — we were in labor for 8 hours total, and in the hospital for 2.5 hours. We gave birth completely naturally, and the Midwives were very impressed with the training. We were amazed by the smoothness of labor, and the lack of any complications. Thank you again!” – Andrew 2012

“My husband and I did the Blissborn course with Sara and it was wonderful! I would highly recommend Blissborn as well as Sara if you are interested in natural childbirth. I was able to go through 9 hours of pretty hard labor and it was amazing. This method brought my husband and I closer as we were learning and also during the birth.” – Bhavna 2011

“Sara, First of all, thank you so much for all that you did to help me prepare for baby #2.  The Hypnobirthing once again was amazing and helped me to manage the surges.  Both the doula and the doctor spoke to me after about how they were impressed with the method and how calm and relaxed I was during the process.  Also the poses you taught in the prenatal class helped me both feel great in this pregnancy and feel strong during the birth…Thank you again for all of your help and guidance—even though the birth was so different than I expected, I felt both emotionally and physically prepared—in large part, thanks to you!”   -Mia

“Sara Shelley’s Couples Workshop was the best preparatory class for childbirth that my husband and I attended.  In the four-hour session, Sara taught us different positions that we could try as a couple to work through each stage of labor, and introduced short activities that helped my husband and me discuss our individuals goals and anxieties…This workshop focused on positivity and laboring from a position of strength and ability. By contrast, the “prepared childbirth” class we attended at [name of hospital] seemed to focus on what should (and probably would) go wrong.”  – Melissa

“I‘m thrilled to tell you that I’m now pregnant!…I really feel like your classes helped me get through this last round of IVF…I tried to use some of the poses and techniques you taught us, including some of the meditation and sankalpa.  Thank you so much. ” – Allison

“iRest was new to my yoga practice but I found that it has an amazing calming effect on me. Fertility treatments are stressful.  I had a tendency to just keep counting the days and take medication, but the iRest really opened up my mind and heart…It has helped me deal with the process in a healthy, positive way.” – Jenny

“I left the practice feeling calmer and quieter.  My husband and I are trying to conceive again. We interrupted our pregnancy in July 2007 because our son at a genetic deletion…Thank you.”
– Tara

“I truly had a wonderful experience at the iRest Workshop last month and am enjoying your tapes.  I subsequently got the good news that we are expecting. I think your workshop really helped to relax my body and mind and keep me focused on positive thoughts rather than my usual worries. I will definitely recommend the workshop to others who are trying to conceive.”
– Beth

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