The pregnancy and fertility journeys of some women have unexpected twists and turns, increasing stress and anxiety.

I offer consultation, support and education to women who face special situations during pregnancy as well as those trying to conceive. For more information or to find out which services can serve you best, contact Sara at or phone 301-681-3459.

Special Situations – Pregnancy

  • Pregnant women who have had a Cesarian and look forward to vaginal birth (VBAC)
  • Pregnant women with babies in breech position
  • Pregnant women facing induced labor who would like labor to begin naturally on its own
  • Pregnant women with high blood pressure
  • Women who have suffered loss through miscarriage or after birth
  • Other..


Women attempting to get pregnant or undergoing fertility treatments can feel unequipped with skills for coping with resulting fear, depression, anxiety or stress.  Consultations are designed to meet your individual needs.  Please visit specific pages for more in depth descriptions of each service.

Services for Fertility include:

  • Yoga for fertility
  • Hypnosis for Fertility, IVF, IUI
  • iRest/ Yoga Nidra for Fertility
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